From sunny beaches to snowy mountains

  Food, food and more food!   Over indulgence is part of Xmas and I love spending time with family and friends over a glass of wine and good food, probably too much wine!! Now with the fun of Christmas over, I sit here gearing up for a fresh start and looking forward to getting […]

This Time Every Year

  As I write we’ve already crunched our first tracks in the snow, stepping quietly from a warm bright Autumn, full of ‘last chance’ cragging, into a new and frozen playground. We’ve even managed to grab some powder turns as an appetiser, initiating the hunger for our winter psyche. The motivation to begin preparing for the […]

Don’t be a Stranger

  A new business, a new adventure, this is our first blog to explain how we came to be. We both began following our noses through the roller coaster of the freelance world independently, but as friends, we’ve had many adventures together both in Scotland and beyond. Some that have been amazing, imprinted into our […]