Management Development Courses

We’re asking the question – is there still a glass ceiling for women within the business sector?

In the last 20 years there have been enormous advancements for women within this sector. However, evidence suggests there is still an imbalance in gender diversity at higher management level.

Do you have female staff who aren’t putting themselves forward or who aren’t quite reaching their full potential? We can ensure that you create a balanced, diverse and highly skilled team, driven to succeed in their careers and push your business forward.


We provide coaching, training and development, designed to enhance and draw out leadership skills, self-confidence, self-awareness, and an ability to work with and inspire others.

We specialise in using outdoor activities and experiential learning to facilitate the development of these skills. All our programmes will be structured dynamically to meet your organisational needs.

A typical course will first spend time identifying what individual needs and potential barriers there are within specified job roles. The programme includes activities such as rock climbing and abseiling, gorge walking, mountain walking and team challenges. These activities are used as a tool to discover personality traits, discuss leadership styles and empower facilitation and review within the group.

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