Learn to Multi-Pitch Rock Climb

Who It's Aimed At

Scotland is unique within the UK as it offers remote mountain crags, great adventures, a chance to climb in wild, beautiful places and have it all to yourself! It’s more about the journey, picking your way up a spectacular mountain face and the retreating back to the car via the pub at the end.

If you already lead climb but want to take your climbing into the mountains and start doing some longer routes then we will take you through these next steps. All our climbing courses are tailored to your needs, we will also equip you with the knowledge to be safe and efficient in the mountain environment.

Previous lead climbing experience, at any grade, is required.

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What We'll Cover

  • Mountain skills
  • Stance management
  • Rope work for multi-pitch
  • Descent
  • Climbing technique
  • Guidebook interpretation


1 person from £200 per day

2 people from £100 per person per day


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