Don’t be a Stranger


A new business, a new adventure, this is our first blog to explain how we came to be.

We both began following our noses through the roller coaster of the freelance world independently, but as friends, we’ve had many adventures together both in Scotland and beyond. Some that have been amazing, imprinted into our memories for a lifetime, others that have been outright flops, and then the ones that are still destined to make us wince when recalling them! But from this journey, we found ourselves forging a new route together, implementing what we believe to be at the forefront of any adventurous journey – enjoyment, a positive environment (weather permitting!) and a holistic approach to learning, all the time being mindful to conserve our wild places. Our thoughts grew with potential and the foundations for Front Point Adventures had been laid.


Our aim is to provide a fun filled environment that brings with it no ego’s or expectation. We understand and love that everyone learns differently, but one thing we all have in common is wanting to enjoy the learning process.


We live for having adventures in the mountains. The best part is they can help teach us so much about ourselves and each other too. We believe our wilderness is one of the best tools we have to develop confidence and self-belief. If you join us on an adventure, you’ll find an environment where you’re inspired to achieve your best, one where learning in a relaxed atmosphere dominates. We’ll ensure you get the most out of your time by focusing on what you need to move forwards. Through our experiences we know what works, we understand the tools needed to enable people to learn through their own methods, growing with confidence, skill and knowledge. Whether it be a guided day out, an introduction to a new sport or personal development in your chosen activity, we aim to share this knowledge with you, enabling you to go on your very own epic adventures!

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