Intro to Ski Tour

Who It's Aimed At

Intermediate skiers (Can ski red runs, in a variety of snow conditions) 

Ski touring is for the more adventurous skier, so if you are bored of the slopes and want to explore more remote and interesting off-piste descents then ski-touring is for you. Ski touring is all about the journey through the mountains and excitement of discovering new tracks whilst developing new skills across a variety of different snow conditions.

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What We'll Cover

Ski touring requires careful planning and sound judgement of your environment. We’ll introduce you to the equipment and skills required, allowing you to make decisive and safe decisions to assess some of the best descents Scotland has to offer.

During the five day course we’ll help develop your skiing techniques and give you the guidance and time to develop your skills. At the end of this course you’ll have experienced some beautiful vistas and discovered new and exciting off-piste tracks. You’ll have the confidence and desire to explore new and ever more remote destinations.

The areas we’ll cover during the course are detailed below:

  • Skinning techniques

You will be taught how to fit and set up your skins and bindings. Looking at the different techniques used for varying terrain, including the use of risers, kick turns and line choice.

  • Equipment and maintenance

We will teach you how to use and make adjustment to binding, discussing the upkeep and maintenance of ski touring equipment. There is scope on a 5 day course to look at ski maintenance in more detail including waxing and edging.

  • Weather

On the first evening of the course we will take you through the different forecasting options, showing you how to relate this information in practice to the mountain environment.  This knowledge will enable you to predict the avalanche forecast

  • Avalanche awareness

Having the class space on the first evening of the course, allows us the time to introduce and understand avalanche forecasting. This will then be supported throughout the week on the hill.

  • Route choice *

Route choice and planning is more complex in winter. We will have theory and prcatical sessions to ensure you go away with the knowledge of how to plan and undertake your own safe winter journeys.

  • Decision making and heuristic traps*

The big four heuristic traps we can commonly fall into include: Familiarity; Social Proof; Commitment to a goal and Scarcity. We’ll look at these in more depth, specifically how we can be aware of them and how to avoid making bad decisions.

  • Navigation for skiers *

Snow on the mountains covers many of the features we use in summer, it can also create white out conditions, making it difficult to navigate without a more in depth skill base. We may have to rely on our compass, timing and pacing exclusively, without any feedback from the environment. Therefore, we have to have confidence in our abilities. Throughout the week we will develop these skills, giving you ample opportunity to practice with support and guidance.

*The difference between a week and a weekend

Where We're Based

We’re based in Aviemore, right next to Cairngorm Mountain and some of the best ski touring in Scotland. We may travel depending on the weather and snow conditions so access to a vehicle is necessary.


£85 per person per day

Private coaching also available



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23rd – 27th                28th – 29th


6th – 10th                   18th – 19th

20th – 24th                 25th – 26th


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